How to create a Github profile readme

Github recently released GitHub profile readme feature where user can create a customised profile README and show it on their profile.

The below GIF show’s how my Github profile readme looks like or You can check my Github profile for reference at

How to create a Github profile readme

Step 1:

Go to and log in with your credentials.

Step 2:

You need to create a new repository with name same as your GitHub profile username. in my case my Github username is akashbijwe so I am creating a repository with the name as akashbijwe.

Make sure your repository is public.

Step 3:

Once you created the repository, you will be landed to below page, click on creating a new file to create a README file.

How to create a Github profile readme

Step 4:

You will be landed on the below page. next, you need to give a filename as & write what you want to be visible on your profile readme. Now commit your file with an appropriate commit message to publish your changes.

You can edit the file multiple times, so you can always commit the file content & check it live.

How to create a Github profile readme

Holla! You just created your Github profile 🎉 🍻

How to create a Github profile readme

You can use HTML/CSS for ba etter User Interface If you have the basic knowledge of HTML/CSS.

Feel free to use my profile README file for your reference at

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